Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 27-28

March 27th: Our anniversary was a couple days ago. Our unofficial gift to each other was new carpet. They came today to install it. Here is the brand new carpet on our stairs. It is actually a little lighter than it appears in this picture. I LOVE it. Best anniversary present ever!

March 28th: My beads from my Due Date Club Bead Swap came this week and I was finally able to get them strung up. I'm so excited to wear this necklace during my labor. Hopefully it will be soon. =)

March 24-26

March 24th: 38 weeks!! Come on Violet!

March 25th: Here is Figs, he's almost four months old!

March 26th: Jude always ransacks the "treasure chest" at Trader Joe's. Here is his treasure! I also discovered that you can purchase these organic lollipops. I bought a box, he LOVES them.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 23

March 23rd: So I'll be 38 weeks along tomorrow and as of this morning Violet was still in the breech position. We had an ECV this morning (External Cephalic Version). This is where the doctor manually turns the baby to a head down position. We found an awesome doctor in Statesville (about an hour away) that would do this procedure for us. She also has a birth center and my midwife uses her as a back up for all sorts of problems. She was great and was able to turn Violet!!! So I finally have a head down baby. At first I was really worried about her turning back, but so far so good! Dr. R agreed to let me record the procedure for this blog! Jason recorded it but we cannot figure out how to rotate the video so it is sideways but you can still get the gist! Here is a link. It's pretty cool! We're ready for you baby, come anytime! **considering my past experience with Jude we really aren't expecting her arrival for at least another two or three weeks =)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 20-22

March 20th: I swear he can sleep anywhere, Mama was napping right beside him (until I woke up and took this picture =)

March 21st: Fun day at the playground before Mama's prenatal appointment. This is a really fun playground but it was crowded and HOT! Jude had a great time. I can't believe how much he's grown up, he can climb everything all by himself.

March 22nd: Fun times on the scooter with his best bud Colin. I have to wait until we are in the car enroute to Colin's house before I tell him we're going because he gets so excited and doesn't understand the concept of "later". He also wondered why Colin was "naked" (he didn't have a shirt on)? He also asked me earlier why all the fish in the tank were also naked. I think he is very interested in nakedness =)

March 17 - 19

March 17th: Figaro update!! He's getting so big. He was 24.2 lbs at his last vet visit, about a week ago. He is also making good progress on potty training, thank goodness. We love this little ankle biter =)

March 18th: Today we went to the Mint Museum's family fun day. The topic was super heroes. Here is my little super hero!

March 19th: We met some friends at the park today. Jude was sandy, sweaty, and snotty (allergies, oh my!). Here he is refueling with some ChickFilA.

March 14-16

March 14th: Jude is very concerned when the dog's bowl is empty. He thought Figaro was hungry so he decided to feed him. The food was not in the pantry because I had just cleaned it and I wanted to mop the floor before I put the stuff back on the floor. There was approximately three cups of food scattered around the house. Figaro was finding food for days!
March 15th: Jude found these new shades at Old Navy. He keeps saying, "glasses cool, I like glasses" over and over!
March 16th: Everyone is enjoying the unseasonable weather. Here's Opus, Bela was right next to him on the window seat. It's a little hot for my liking, it's only March!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 11-13

March 11th: Jude hates riding in shopping carts unless they are this particular style, offered only at Target. He sometimes likes the race car ones at Harris Teeter too. I guess this one is pretty comfy. I turned around to get something and 90 seconds later this is what I find. I guess this is what happens when you don't take a nap and 5PM rolls around, LOL.
March 12th: I posted a while back on facebook for a gently used sandbox. My friend Patti let me know she had one that we could borrow for a while and I was so excited. This past we
ekend we got the sand to fill it and here is a pic of Jude enjoying his first jaunt in the sand.
Here he is in the bath after he played outside by himself for an hour and a half!! The water was SOOOO dirty.

March 13th: I have really been nesting lately. I feel like I'm even doing more this time around. Here is a pic of my lovely pantry. I'm so proud of how it turned out. I can see everything in it. I wish I had taken a before pic...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 8-10

March 8th: I forgot to take a picture today so we'll do a flashback. Here is a pic of me and Jude from this time last year. He's getting sooooo big!
March 9th: One of the most awesome gifts I got at my blessing shower was a whole bag of hand-me-down girly cloth diapers. These were from my friend Erika who's 5th kid has outgrown them. Did I mention I was in her bathroom with her to see the delivery of said 5th kid? Anyway, I'm so thankful. Violet has a TON of diapers and I can't wait to put them on her. Here they are all washed and folded, ready to go in the diaper drawer!

March 10th: Here is my 36 week pic. By the way, I love instagram. I just downloaded the app to my phone. I can't believe it's taken me this long. Also, Violet still has her head in my ribs! Flip baby girl!

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 5-7

March 5th: This morning I had a chiropractor appointment. We got there and they didn't have me on the schedule. Fortunately they were able to fit me in an hour later so we went for a quick breakfast at Chick Fil A. Jude was eating great until he noticed the "race car" in the play area. It was all over after that!

March 6th: I seem to find that I take a lot of pictures of Jude eating. Here's another! Why have only one poky when you can have two?

March 7th: So I'm still struggling with a breech baby! We are trying everything we can to get her to turn including ironing board inversions. This is where I lay upside down on an ironing board which is propped up on the couch for 20 minutes at a time. Jude asked if he could "try it?" so I made him him own inversion board. He looks much cuter doing it than I do which is why there is no picture of me =)

March 2-4

I'm going to post about March 2-4 as one post instead of four because it really was a whole weekend of events. A little background... About two years ago I was invited to a game night with three other women. Jude was about a month old and I was eager to get out and do something even though he'd be coming with me. The game night happened to be at my midwife's apprentice's house. In attendance were my midwife Leigh, her apprentice Erika, and a friend of theirs, Nicole. Since then I don't refer to them by their professional titles, just as my friends, or actually my Jugs.

Somewhere along the way we decided to name our group and Jugs was what we came
up with. Check out this post from my friend Erika's blog, she has a better way with words than do I. So over the last couple of years we've evolved. We've lost one Jug (other obligations) and gained a few more. Right now we are up to 6 local Jugs and 3 long distance Jugs. One
of the long distance Jugs, Joelle, is moving here soon and we are very excited.

Anyway, this weekend it was planned for us to have a Jugs baby shower and weekend
extravaganza. Both Nicole and I are due about the same time with our second babies, actually our due dates are only a day apart but chances are good that she'll go early and I'll be late so the Juglets will probably be born in different months! Joelle actually just had a baby a couple months ago and we weren't able to celebrate with her. So, the blessing shower was for the three of us! It was really fun and very entertaining. Joelle and Erika (two of our long distance Jugs) were able to come to Charlotte for the weekend. Unfortunately, Christine was not (she is all the way in Portland OR)! Here are some pics from the weekend!!

These are the hats I made for Nicole and Joelle's babies!
These are the babylegs to go with the hats.

Here is a picture of our cake, you can't have a Jugs party without boobs rig
Doesn't every baby shower include having the pregnant women arm wrestle for a prize?
The guests of honor, I look HUGE in this dress =) (and a little pale)
All my Jugs!
It was a fabulous weekend, I can't wait to meet the new Juglets. It won't be long now!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

March 1st, some updates!

March 1st: I can't believe it's another month! We're getting closer and closer to welcoming Violet into our lives. I can't wait! Jude is very excited to be using my birth ball. Apparently it's good for watching television.

I also wanted to update you on Jude's bronchoscopy. The cultures came back completely clean!
This means that he didn't grow any bacteria! We were very surprised as he's had a cough lately but we've determined that it's due to some seasonal allergies that are affecting LOTS of people here lately. They don't seem to be bothering him too much and we're really excited he doesn't need to start any new meds or have a trip to the hospital. Although it was a tough day, I'm really glad we decided to do the bronchoscopy. Jude is no worse for the wear!

Feb 26-28

Feb 26th: My gift from my swap partner arrived yesterday. I love these little wool soakers. Handmade too! I wish I was a better knitter!! I can't wait to put Violet in these. Not too much longer to wait, I hope =)
Feb 27th: Here is the gift I made for my swap partner, I'll get it in the mail today. I hope she likes it. She is having her first baby and it's a boy. I didn't want to go too gender specific but these should work!!
Feb 28th: It's been so warm here lately, very unseasonable! I wanted to get a picture of Jude's shoes to send to my mom (she bought them for him last summer and they finally fit!). This was snapped just after I asked him if I could take his picture. He said Nooooooooo. I did it anyway, mean mommy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb 23 -25

Feb 23rd: Today Figaro had his first trip to the vet for a puppy check up. We got two vaccines and a couple of tests. Everything looks great. He's 12 weeks old and up to 18 poun
ds. Here is a picture of his "tie up" place. This gives him plenty of room but he is less likely to pee on the floor. We are starting to use string cheese as a reward for using the "potty" outside. He loves it so hopefully he'll be finished potty training soon. The vet said not to expect anything final until about 16 weeks old. We'll see how it goes!

Feb 24th: Today has been pretty uneventful. We are just trying to get the house cleaned up. Being home all day makes getting Jude down for a nap pretty challenging. He doesn't want to sleep but he gets so tired. He refused his nap today and then at a little after five I find this on my couch! Notice the snack and the iPhone. He's so deprived.

Feb. 25th: Today is Jude's bestie's birthday. Here are the shirts I made for him and his big sis. They were born in the same week, just three years apart. We went to their party at the YMCA where everyone got to go swimming (I let Daddy do the swimming and I watched from the sidelines!) Everyone had a fun day!

Feb 29th

Feb. 29th: Happy Leap Day! Today wasn't the most fun leap day ever but it certainly was a memorable one. Jude had his first bronchoscopy today. Because he has had clean cultures for a while but still exhibits some symptoms of infection his CF doc thought it best to do a bronch to get a more accurate picture of what is going on in his lungs. For kids as small as Jude, the general way they culture is to stick a swab in the back of their throats so that they gag and cough. The sputum is then collected and sent for culture. This isn't always foolproof though so a bronchoscopy is sometimes needed. This also provides an actual picture into hislungs so the doctor can see if there is anything abnormal going on. Jude's doc was surprised by how good his lungs look for a CFer of his age. He saw some excess sticky mucous which is to be expected as well as some mucous plugs which are also normal for a CFer. He cleaned those out as best he could. He said other than that, Jude's lungs didn't look any worse than someone with asthma. We were happy to hear this. It takes a few days to grow a culture so we will be waiting for the results for a little while. Jude did great in the procedure but did not enjoy the waking up part. He wanted to get "outta here" while we were in the recovery room and didn't really calm down until we got to the lobby and were headed to the car. I think this procedure was definitely a bit harder on me than it was on him. Hopefully we won't have todo it again for a while! Here's Jude in the hospital gown he wore for a total of 5 minutes!

Feb 22nd

Feb 22nd: Today is a very special day. It's my hubby's birthday! Happy Birthday babe. Jude and I spent the day getting his celebration together. We picked up some of his favorite treats (reeces eggs and reeces pieces eggs), we also got him a new travel mug which we filled with these treats! We made him enchiladas for dinner and got an ice cream pie from Bruester's for dessert. Jude had a mini-meltdown when we got home because he wanted the "cake" right away. He didn't quite understand when I told him we had to wait for Daddy to get home! Then he ruined the surprise by announcing "Cake, cake" when Jason got home. It was cute anyway! We also made a birthday card using Jude's footprints, which was fun and involved a bath. I hope Daddy had a great birthday.