Monday, July 23, 2012

July 10-12

July 10th: Today I finished this apron for a little girl's second birthday. My sister asked me to make it for a birthday party this weekend. I hope they like it!

July 11th: Today marks the end of the first week on our Primal diet. This week I lost 6 pounds and Jason lost 5. We are pleased with the progress. Here was today's lunch!

July 12th: He really can sleep anywhere. At the end of this year I'm going to put together a montage of all the places we've found Jude asleep =)

July 7-9

July 7th: I had to share with you this amazing dinner that my hubby made. Steak with caramelized onions, kale chips and deviled eggs. I made the eggs =) Love this new diet!

July 8th: My babies love to snuggle. Jude has actually started asking me if he can hold her. If she starts crying he says "I'll get her", he actually tried one day. Thank goodness she is too heavy for him to lift!

July 9th: We had one heck of an afternoon storm here. I had just emptied the blow up pool and the wind was so strong it blew the pool all the way back to the edge of our yard and it landed on the fence. Thank goodness the fence didn't poke a hole in the pool.

July 4-6

July 4th: We celebrated the fourth with a new way of eating. Our family is currently eating Primally. This means no grains of any kind and very little sugar. The diet is based on eating the way our ancestors ate. So far so good, will update later. Also, Jude wanted to celebrate naked =)

July 5th: Here is my primal breakfast. Egg omelet with chimichuri sauce. Delish!

July 6th: Happy Birthday to my little sister! Also known as Aunt Snefenie, Aunt Fanny, and Stefanoonie.  Love you sis!

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 1-3, Visitors!!

July 1st: My mom, sister, and niece are here visiting this weekend. Here Jude and Allie are licking the spoons they used to whip up a batch of brownies,mmmm.

July 2nd: No trip is complete without a stop at Monkey Joe's. Here Jude and Allie are showing off their new dinosaurs that Aunt Stefanie won in the grabber game, she's always been good at that game =)

July 3rd: Allie was getting her nails painted so we decided to do Violet's too, her nails are so small it was hard to get the paint onto the nail and not her toes. They are so cute.

Jude had to wear one of Allie's headbands.  So cute!

June 27-30

June 27th: Jude said that she needed a toy. He brought her this and said "Here's your puppy Violet". I said "That's not a puppy, it's a baby doll. Jude said, "Baby dog, puppy!" Gotta love that kid, so sweet.

June 28th: They were both worn out =)

June 29th: Jude wanted a bow too! He's gonna love this one when he's older =)

June 30th: Help! I'm stuck in a box. This box was in his closet. This kid keeps me busy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

June 24-26

June 24th: Hey mom, like my hairdo?

June 25th: Here is Jude sporting his new FSU outfit that I got at a yardsale!  Go Noles!

I also had to share this photo, Jude had to get a toy for Violet and one for himself.  Of course he had to lay next to her to play with them.  What a sweet big brother!

June 26th: This is the hat that Jude got at his CF appointment.  It looks really cute on little sis!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June 21-23

June 21st: Jude has been up to his antics again. He loves playing with my sewing machine.  He knows the thread goes here, just not exactly how it works =)

June 22nd: He loves his little sis.  He said, take a picture, I smile! My two cuties.  I can't seem to get them to smile at the same time though.

June 23rd:  We were trying out crescent cheeseburgers for dinner and the little chef wanted to help. I love the learning tower by the way, it's a great tool for anyone with a toddler. It's a safe way that they can stand at the counter with you.  Here Jude is putting the egg wash on top of the crescents.