Wednesday, November 7, 2012

September 21-22

September 21st and 22nd, Sensei and Betti visit!

Sensei wears the babe!

Nursing on the light rail.

She loved meeting her Sensei.

The "worst hayride ever"

Jude on the haybales

Death trap. I mean giant chair

Mimi and Violet hanging out!

September 11th - 19th

September 11th - 19th

Cute little pinafore, it's reversible!

At Jude's swim lessons, Violet is taking a nap.

Lunch time!

Something died here, not exactly sure what happened...

Let's try the sippy cup since apparently Violet's too good for a bottle.

Sleepy baby.

The cutest shoes ever, thanks Aunt Stefanie!

New shades, only $5 at a strange mall store. I like it!

Soooo happy. It must be the carseat. God, she's cute!

September 1st -10th

September 1st - 10th

Little bows for Violet.

She's discovered her thumb!

Her favorite spot!

Another sleeping picture, on the stairs, hand in the poofs.

Soooo big! Getting too big for the swing.

Here again on my chest, notice a pattern?

Colts outfit made for a custom order.

Baby in a back carry, so comfy!

My first flower hat, it looks so cute on her.

Sleeping AGAIN. This time practically standing up. I'm going to have to make an entire album out of his sleeping pictures.

Aug 21-31

August 21st - 31st

He can't sit still, EVER! Even at the computer!

Sweet baby

I made this ring sling, I think she likes it!

My little tree hugger (at the Raptor Center)

This little beauty spun her web above our garage door.

He loves to paint. Making letters for his room.

They love each other!

Nice bow! I think it's a little big.

Me and my babies!

He can sleep anywhere I tell you. Even under his dinner.

Shopping at our new Whole Foods!

October 20th

October 20th: Violet is 6 months old! She is officially 16lbs 6oz and 27 inches tall. 54th% for weight and 89th% for length. She's been sitting up by herself for a few weeks now. She still falls over if she gets distracted. She is very serious and you have to trick her into smiling for the camera. She loves the iphone and wants to play with it rather than pose for the camera. She is a big fan of her big brother and is pretty happy most of the time. I think she's excited to start on solid foods this month but still loves her milkies a LOT! I can't believe it's her half birthday already!