Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oct 1st - Oct 9th

October 1st: Jason finally finished the floor, doesn't  it look great?!

October 2nd: Mini cauliflower pizzas

October 3rd: Jude has a mathematical mind

October 4th: Snack time at Targer!

Ocober 5th: Our Montessori shelves

October 6th: My littlest Nole!

October 7th: New hat, almost too small but a cute pattern!

October 8th: Tomato soup with cheese crisps! Thanks Jason!!

October 9th: Homemade iced coffee, mmmmmmmm

Sept 30th - Apple picking

September 30th: Our annual apple picking extravaganza. This year we were joined by some of our friends!
Here's Jude with Alona and Elisha.

Me and Violet

tiny apple

Jude and Daddy

Our haul

double fisting!

I think he ate his weight in apples! Good thing they didn't weigh him on going in and out of this place.

Jason in the tree

September 23rd - 29th

September 23rd: Mmmm, chocolate

September 24th: Such a cutie pie!

Septmeber 25th: New haircut

September 26th: Hanging out with my girl!

September 27th: Trip to Baxter's Bunch Playhouse. Jason and Jude had a great time!

September 28th: I can't stop taking pictures of her sleeping, so sweet!

September 29th; Violet and Dr. Usadi or RE.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

September 21-22

September 21st and 22nd, Sensei and Betti visit!

Sensei wears the babe!

Nursing on the light rail.

She loved meeting her Sensei.

The "worst hayride ever"

Jude on the haybales

Death trap. I mean giant chair

Mimi and Violet hanging out!

September 11th - 19th

September 11th - 19th

Cute little pinafore, it's reversible!

At Jude's swim lessons, Violet is taking a nap.

Lunch time!

Something died here, not exactly sure what happened...

Let's try the sippy cup since apparently Violet's too good for a bottle.

Sleepy baby.

The cutest shoes ever, thanks Aunt Stefanie!

New shades, only $5 at a strange mall store. I like it!

Soooo happy. It must be the carseat. God, she's cute!

September 1st -10th

September 1st - 10th

Little bows for Violet.

She's discovered her thumb!

Her favorite spot!

Another sleeping picture, on the stairs, hand in the poofs.

Soooo big! Getting too big for the swing.

Here again on my chest, notice a pattern?

Colts outfit made for a custom order.

Baby in a back carry, so comfy!

My first flower hat, it looks so cute on her.

Sleeping AGAIN. This time practically standing up. I'm going to have to make an entire album out of his sleeping pictures.