Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 18-21

Feb 18th: I spent some time today getting the changing table/dresser ready for Violet. We moved it from Jude's room to our room and I had fun loading up her clothes. It is so crazy how many clothes we have for her already and I have bought maybe three things! It's so nice to get hand-me-downs. So far this baby is costing a LOT less than Jude (minus the IVF stuff). I can't wait to meet her. Just a couple months to go!

Feb 19th: Today was Family Fun Day at the Mint Museum. We decided to give it a try and see if Jude would enjoy himself. He had a blast. They had a station where you make sculptures out of toothpicks and mini marshmallows. Needless to say we did NOT end up with a sculpture, Jude just ate all the marshmallows until I decided to move to another station so we wouldn't get in trouble! He did really enjoy the children's gallery. Here he is in the "kitchen" where he spent most of his time making us dinner.

Feb 20th: Because today is a holiday, Jason got to spend the day with us. Mondays are swim lesson days so he got to come watch Jude have a blast in the pool. We also did our shopping and cooking for the week. (Jason took some video at the swim lesson but we are unable to load it onto the computer, I'll upload it later if we figure out how!)

Feb 21st: Figaro update! He's now about 12 weeks old and growing like a weed. Here is the latest picture. I feel like he's almost doubled in size since we first got him. He starts his puppy obedience classes in a couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward to that. He is doing pretty well with simple commands but we are still having a lot of trouble with mouthing and pulling on pant legs. I'm hoping to get some resolution on this!! We'll see.

Feb 13-17

Feb. 13th: I've missed them so much and they are FINALLY home. I love my boys!

Feb 14th: Today was Jason's last day of vacation. We spent the day having fun!! We went to RuSan's where we had all you can eat sushi buffet for lunch, mmmmm. Then we went to IKEA to get Jude's new dresser. The dresser ended up being broken and we had to exchange it but here's what it looked like all finished!!

Feb 15th: Jude loves Cheetos. He even asks for them by name. I'm a bad mom! But he's so cute!

Feb 16th: Have I mentioned that Jude is addicted to my iPhone. He woke up at 3am the other night saying "I hold it, I hold it", that's what he says when he wants to hold my phone. It was only then I realized he wasn't awake, he was DREAMING about my iPhone. Wow, maybe he needs to be put on some sort of iphone addicts program =) He gets very sad when I need to "charge it". If he wasn't so darn cute...
Feb 17th: Jude had his clinic visit today. We will be starting him on a nebulizer once it arrives. We are to do this only when he is sick. He'll be taking 7% saline and albuterol. I'm a little nervous but thanks to the advice of my cf mamas, I now feel confident cleaning and disinfecting his nebs! It should be interesting to see how he does with the mask, we'll see. I'll keep you updated. I don't have a picture of his nebulizer yet, but this is what they look like (well, they had this one at his clinic).

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 10, 11, and 12

Feb. 10th: Today while the boys are still out of town, I decided to do some errands around town. I checked out the new goodwill (scored a cribsheet for Violet from Pottery Barn, only $4!) I ended the day with pedicures with my friend Leigh. Fun day. Please ignore my slightly swollen foot =)
Feb. 11th: I've always wanted to be one of those women who get to sit around at the yarn shop and work on a project. Today, I got to do just that! Not having much responsibility at home, I loaded up my sewing bag and headed off to Charlotte Yarn. They were having a class in the main part of the shop but I got to go to the back with some other women and get to work. I spent an hour and a half working on the crochet project for my Due Date Club Swap Match. I'd love to do this more often, it was so relaxing! Here's a sneak peek!
Feb: 12th: Today my friend Lora came over and we made meals for our families for the week. It was fun to have someone here to work with. Lora cracks me up because she is afraid of meat. Well, afraid to touch it if it's raw! Being a good friend, I opened her ground beef and browned her pork chops! She did touch raw chicken to help me with the chicken sticks. I found all the recipes on once a month mom, what an awesome website!!

Feb 7, 8 and 9

Feb 7th: For the first time since he was born, my baby is leaving to go on a trip without me. We've never spent more than about 12 hours apart. I don't know what I'm going to do without him. He and Jason are going to Florida for 6 days to visit Jason's parents. This is a trip that we take annually in February or March but this year I didn't feel like I would be very comfortable in a car for 9 hours each way so I decided to stay home. Plus, we have the new puppy so that was another reason to stay behind. I cried when they pulled out of the driveway at 4am. I'm in for an interesting few days.

Feb 8th: Well, my baby has been gone for a little less than a day and I miss him terribly but I must go on with my regularly scheduled day. Today is my 32 week midwifery appointment. I've now started my every two week visits. Violet is measuring right on track and her heartbeat is good. I'm enjoying this part of pregnancy but I'm getting bigger by the day! Here is my latest belly shot!

Feb 9th: I've been looking forward to this day since Christmas! Jason got me a gift certificate for a house cleaning. I decided to wait until they would be out of town to use it. That would give the cleaners a more quiet home and give me a chance to declutter before they get here. I was so excited about getting my baseboards cleaned. The ladies got here at 8:30 and Figaro and I headed out to get the oil changed and the car inspected. I have to say that when I came inside to inspect my clean house I was severely disappointed. For the amount the gift card cost, the job was rather shoddy. Some of my baseboards hadn't even been touched. I plan to call the office of this service and complain. I will update later. BTW, I meant to get a picture of the car all decked out in purple and pink (the cleaning service car, not mine =), but I was in such a hurry to see my newly cleaned home that I forgot =(

Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 4, 5 and 6

Feb. 4th: So Jason and I got to enjoy a very rare date night thanks to my friend Kirsten. She was awesome enough to keep Jude for a few hours so we could have a kid free dinner. The best thing? It was practically free! We had a gift card and only spent a little above the value of the card. We got whatever we wanted, which was A LOT. We went to Maggiano's where they have a dinner for two that includes two salads, two pastas (and two additional pastas to take home), and a dessert to share. We each also had a drink and we got one additional dessert. This was mainly because I REALLY wanted the creme brulee and Jason didn't. I have to admit I ate almost all of my dessert, it was SOOOOOO good. Jason and I had a great time and I'm hoping to do this again sometime soon!

Feb. 5th: Jude really loves my camera, or the camera on my phone. Either way he loves to snap photos. He'll tell you to smile or say cheese and then snap away. Here's one of his favorite subjects, his feet! =)

Feb 6th: OK, so I know that this picture is a little odd. It requir
es a little back
story. Yesterday Jason and I were driving down the highway and we saw a car that
was towing a trailer that con
tained what Jason said was 6 televisions. I didn't see that many but I'll go with it. I assumed that they were just moving to a new house but Jason surmised they were going to a flee market, either way it was fun to guess where he was going. Jump to today: I was on my way back from Jude's swim lesson and I saw this trailer in the Chick-fil-A parking lot. It was fun to guess where this guy was going and I had to snap a pic for Jason.

Feb 1, 2 and 3

Feb. 1st: So Jude has been VERY into my iPhone lately. I have specifically downloaded some games for him to play and he knows exactly how to navigate them. Unfortunately he also knows exactly how to navigate other games. Specifically my Scramble with friends App. He likes to start games and use all my "tokens" then I'm left with no tokens and half the amount of time. I have tried to move this app or to combine it with others all to no avail. He looks pretty comfy doesn't he? (BTW, when he says comfy, it sounds an awful lot like coffee-it's pretty cute!)

Feb 2nd: Today Jude's friend Amelia came by for a visit. Amelia's mom is one of my good friends from nursing school so I was excited to catch up with her. They came over for a visit and to meet Figaro. Jude and Amelia were busy playing in the ball pit when we noticed her static-y hair do. I think it's pretty darn cute =)

Feb. 3rd: I finally finished my first birthday shirt of the year. This one is for a little girl named Marlo who I made a shirt for last year. According to her mom, she really loved her "5" shirt so a "6" shirt was in order. Her party colors were zebra print and hot pink. I hope she enjoyed her shirt!