Monday, April 9, 2012

April 7-9

April 7th: Today we went on an egg hunt and then to pick strawberries. Because of the warmer weather this year the "strawbers" were ready early. We picked about five pounds and I think Jude ate another pound as evidenced by his face and shirt. They also had an area full of toys to play on. Jude really loved these little cars.
April 8th: Here is my 40 week belly picture. I'm really hoping to not have to post a 41 week pic but I'm not feeling any imminent delivery.
April 9th: I cut Jude's hair a couple days ago but had to post this pic. He's so cute! Summer is on it's way!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 4-6

April 4th: If you'll notice the cut on his right eye! This is because he really thinks he's a monkey, or gymnast. He slammed his head on something trying to flip onto his learning tower. Why can't he just climb up like a normal human being? I guess because he's a boy and has to get there his way! I'm glad we avoided stitches... this time.
April 5th: Not only is Jude a monkey, but apparently he is also a dog. Here he is at Petsmart, where we were supposed to be "just picking up a bag of cat food". This turned into a 20 minute visit with the hamsters, birds, reptiles, and most of all goldfish. He then decided he needed a nap on the dog beds. Here I am almost 40 weeks pregnant with a 30lb bag of cat food in one arm and the camera in the other. He just needed a little convincing and we were on our way.
April 6th: Here's Figs! He's about four months old now and about 30lbs. If only I could get Jude to grow that fast =) He's busy working on a bone so no view of his face. Look how long he is. He's also getting pretty tall. It'll be interesting to see how big he grows to be. Also, you can ooh and ahh over our new carpet =)

April 1-3

April 1st: Opus decided that he should come with us for Violet's birth. I don't really think he'd have a good time =) He does love to sit in these bags though! We decided against any baby related April Fools jokes today, I think that was a good call!April 2nd: Today Jude got to go to the Monkey Joe's in Gastonia with his BFF Colin. Here they are at the top of the big slide. I can't believe Jude can climb up there all by himself. He is definitely a monkey.
April 3rd: This is the outfit I made for Violet to come home in. Now that I think about it, the hat may be too big. I'm going to sew up another one next weekend a little smaller. I really hope her head doesn't fit in that hat!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 29-31

March 29th: Jude loves to play in Figaro's crate. It's really cute, here he is introducing his car to the crate. Hi Mama!!
March 30th: Daddy is finally home!! Here are my two favorite guys just hanging out on the couch. Daddy required evening coffee =)

March 31st: I can't believe it's the end of March!! Here is my 39 week picture. I'm ready for Violet but I'm not sure she's ready for us yet!! Whenever you're ready little girl!!