Thursday, August 23, 2012

July 22-24

July 22nd: She loves the bumbo. No worries, it's on the floor =)

July 23rd: Violet and Mama! Happy girl.

July 24th: Jude loves his puzzles, here are the four vehicle puzzles he loves!

July 19-21

July 19th: Starting to potty train, he needs a snack!

July 20th: Happy 3 months to my little lady! 14lbs but no idea on height =) She loves to smile and loves to watch her big brother. She hates riding in the car and cannot fall asleep anywhere but in someone's arms. I can't believe how big she's getting.

July 21st: Primal lunch!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 16-18

July 13-15

July 13th: Jude's dinosaur is eating his veggie stick. Fun with lunch!

July 14th: Here is Jude in his swim class, he's on the monkey bars!

July 15th: Gotta love that smile, or is it a smirk?