Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 27-29

May 27th: Breakfast at the Original Pancake House.  Sitting with daddy, I love these things!!

May 28th: Not feeling so great.  Jude crawled over to Violet's playmat and fell asleep.  What a tired boy, hopefully he'll feel better soon.

May 29th:  Feeling a little better today, this hat will make it all better.  Nothing like a knit hat on a cool 85 degree day =)  Plus it's a little small, I'll have to make him some new ones this winter.

May 23-26

May 23rd:  Jude refused to nap all day.  Then 5PM rolled around and I found this!  He slept until 10PM.  He then had to get up to do his vest and have "dinner" which consisted of a Boost drink because it was so late, then back to bed =)

May 24th:  Here is my awesome friend Lora (on the wrong side of the camera =)).  She very graciously agreed to come over and hang out with Violet so I could get some cleaning done.  She looks like she's hating it!  Violet loves her.

May 25th:  I love having her sleep on my chest, I know these days will be over much too quickly.  I'm trying to savor every minute.  Kinda hard to savor anything with a 2 1/2 year old =)

May 26th: I had to document these smiles, they started at about four weeks old, here she is five weeks.  Sooo chubby!!

Sibling love!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 20-22

May 20th:  Happy one month birthday to my squish!  I can't believe how big she is already!!  Sweet girl is smiling lots and hates to be put down.  She loves taking a bath but otherwise hates being naked.  She is already almost outgrowing her size one diapers and is wearing 3-6 month clothes.  I also think she is going to have red hair, or at least strawberry blond.  Oh how we love this little peanut! I can't wait to watch her grow!

May 21st:  Not a huge fan of the paci but it does help us some times!  I can't get enough of these sleepy pics.

May 22nd:  Another sleepy one, in her favorite spot!  Can't let her food supply get too far away =)

May 17-19

May 17th: Everyone should try hanging out in a mesh laundry bag!  It's so fun.

May 18th: Jugs weekend has begun!!  This is my sushi from Cowfish.  Happy Birthday Erika!

May 19th: Sweet baby in her new sunsuit.  Too bad it was a little chilly.  She's a furnace like her Daddy and brother so it didn't really matter anyway =)  Also, today was our Great Strides walk!  I forgot my phone at home so I don't have any pictures but we had a great time and our national team raised over $4000, go Jude Bugs!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 14-16

May 14th: Daddy and his sleepy girl.

May 15th: These are some really cute knitted shorties that Lora gave Violet at her shower.  I had to get a picture before she outgrows them!

May 16th: Jude wanted to get something from the upper shelf in his closet.  Good try but he still isn't quite tall enough.  I'm sure he'll figure out a way up there soon enough.

Happy Mother's Day, May 13th

May 13th:  Today is Mother's Day.  I have the greatest gift ever, two amazing,beautiful kids.  Here is the video Jude made for my mom.

Me and my babies!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 9-12

May 9th: Violet loves her daddy. =)

May 10th: Enjoying lunch out with Jason's parents.  Jude really liked the sweet potato fries!!

May 11th: More sleepy goodness with Daddy.  Look at those cheeks!!

May 12th:  Here are some pics from the photo shoot I was doing for my sister.  She was making a gift for our mom using the grandkids to spell out the word love.  We got L and V.  

May 5-8

May 5th:  My two babies!  Jude is finally ready to pose with his sister.  I guess he realizes she's here to stay.

May 6th:  Violet is taking a nap.  She's sooo sweet.

May 7th: Me and my babes!  I can't believe I have two!!

May 8th: Lunch out with my family.  Jude and daddy are looking for letters.

Violet decided she'd rather sleep.  I got to have a hot lunch.  Win win!

May 1-4

May 1st: Jude hanging out with daddy at the computer.  He likes to wear his hats backwards!

May 2nd: Here's a pic of my friend and midwife Leigh with almost two week old Violet!

May 3rd: She's getting soooo big. I'm so happy she enjoys the vibrating seat, gives my arms a little break.

May 4th: Mmmmm, lunch!  Oh, and toys everywhere =)

April 29-30

April 29th: First meal out!  Here's Violet at our favorite breakfast place, The Flying Biscuit!!

April 30th: Sleeping on mama, sooo sweet.  She's wearing her little sister shirt =)

Friday, May 18, 2012

April 26-28

April 26th: First fluff!  We have lots of cloth diapers for both kids but this was Violet's first day wearing hers!

April 27th: Snuggles!

April 28th: She is stuffed into this NB sized onesie, I guess I'll have to pack these up!  She is also sporting her new tiger, a gift from the Jugs!

April 25th, newborn photos

April 25th: Today my awesome friend Lora came over to do Violet's newborn pictures.  She was not a very willing participant and it took hours to get these shots but thankfully Lora was patient and she got some amazing shots.  She also got pooped and peed on!  Thanks Lora!  Check out her work at

That cord stump did not fall off for 22 days!!

Lora made this hat, so cute!!

 I made this bonnet for her before she was born.  It really didn't fit but we wanted one pic with her in it. I gave it to Lora to keep for someone who has a baby with a more normal sized head =)

This is one of my favorite pics! So not flattering but oh so cute!

I love this one, it's supposed to represent Violet in the womb.  I can vouch for the fact that this is exactly how she was sitting!

April 23rd:  Trying out the co-sleeper.  My babies are both side lying sleepers!

April 24th: My family!  I can't believe I have two kids!! Daddy looks tired.

my smoosh!

April 21st: Recovering in the hospital and getting our antibiotics!  My precious new baby!  I can't believe how chubby she is, I LOVE it!!

April 22nd:  Still hanging at the hospital, Daddy and Jude are here for a visit!  He loves his little girl.

Mama loves her too!

April 22nd: Time to go HOME!!  I'm not sure she loves the outfit I made her but it fits perfectly.  I made two hats.  I made this one first and then thinking it would be too big I made a smaller one.  Needless to say, the smaller one never got worn!  I'll save it for someone who has a baby with a small head =)