Thursday, September 13, 2012

August 20th

August 20th: Violet is 4 months old! What a sweet pea. The photo shoots are getting harder but cuter!! Violet loves her brother, hanging with mom, and playing in her exersaucer. She can almost roll over and babbles ALL THE TIME. Her hair is getting a little thinner and a little lighter but I can still get a bow in it. We had to up the onesie to a 12 month size but she's still got some room to grow in it. She is up to 15lbs! Now, if she could only learn to sleep in longer stretches...

August 17-19

August 17th: He wants to climb EVERYTHING. My new rule is that if he get's up there, he has to get himself down!

August 18th: Violet is hanging out with Leigh in the pool. I had to get a pic of her in those awesome shades and pink hat. She is stylin'.

August 19th: I made this pinafore for Violet but it's too small. I'm going to sell it on my Jude's Cure page. It's pretty cute though!

August 13-16

August 13th: Here is one of Jude's photographs, I'm just chilling with Violet!

August 14th: The kids and I went uptown to visit Jason for lunch. This is Jude on the train ride home. I had two passed out babies and had to wake him up to get to the car once the train stopped.

August 15: Jude sporting his new batman hat at Trader Joe's.

August 16th: Violet looking thrilled! She doesn't really like to be put down.

Aug 10-12

August 10th: He wanted to wear his hat during his vest treatment! I think it's a little big.

August 11th: Today we went to the Lazy 5 Ranch which isn't really a ranch at all. It's more like a wildlife park. Here is Jason and Jude getting ready for the wagon ride.

Violet thoroughly enjoying her wagon ride. The hat is really cute though!

Jude feeding the camels.

August 12th: Here's my little photographer! He's taking a break from picture taking so Mama can take one of him =)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aug 7-9

August 7th: Mama and baby!

August 8th: Jude loves science experiments, here he is playing with vinegar and baking soda. A little food coloring thrown in!

August 9th: He can sleep anywhere! This is a target shopping cart =)

Aug 4-6

August 4th: I made these shoes for Violet, and shortly thereafter one was lost...

August 5th: Balsamic tomatoes with spinach and mozzerella, SOO good!!

August 6th: She's so beautiful, look at those cheeks!

Aug 1-3

August 1st: I guess it was too warm to be on top of the bed, must go underneath!

August 2nd: A rare moment when she's in the swing awake.

August 3rd: He asked for me to paint his toenails. He wanted to have "pinks" because his sister had "purples".

July 28-31

July 28th: He will climb anything, this is the shelving in the closet~

July 29th: She's getting so big, what a long baby.

July 29th: Look at those thighs! I hope she enjoys it while it's still cute =)

July 31st: Jude loves his little sis and she loves the bumbo! It's ok folks, it's on the floor!

July 25-27

July 25th: Alona the future babysitter!!

July 26th: My babies!!

July 27th: Violet loves to be worn!